Operation Chaos 2020!

It's Time for Republicans to Disrupt the SC Presidential Primaries


Know the Goal

Prevent the strongest Democrat candidate from winning the South Carolina presidential primary.

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Let us know which crazy Democrat candidate you think Republicans should vote for in the primary.

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Be sure to mark your calendars to vote in the SC presidential primaries on Saturday, February 29th!

Frequently Asked Questions. 

What is Operation Chaos 2020? Operation Chaos 2020 is a program to encourage Republican voters to participate in the Democrat primary.  

Whose idea was this? The original “Operation Chaos” was started in February 2008 by Rush Limbaugh. Rush encouraged GOP voters in key swing states to support Hillary Clinton in order to prolong the Democrat primary. After Rush started agitating for this program, Hillary went from sure loser to a contender: for awhile. This was particularly effective in the Indiana primary. This time around Operation Chaos 2020 is being sponsored by the Conservative Defense Fund.  

Wait, Democrats can vote in Republican primaries? That’s not right! Exactly. Although you can only vote in one party primary at a time, under current South Carolina law there is nothing the Republican Party can do to prevent bona fide Democrats from voting in the GOP primary. That means, in large areas of the state, where there is frequently no competitive Democrat primary (which is often the case), Democrats can just vote in the Republican primary and vote for the most liberal candidate or for the candidate they think will fare worst in the general election.

Since Democrats can vote in Republican primaries that means Republicans can vote in Democrat primaries: thus Operation Chaos 2020.  

What do we hope to gain? First, we want to prolong the primary to make it as costly and damaging as we can.  

So far, the only efforts have bene for Democrats to cross-over and support liberal Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain and perhaps a few cases on the state level.  

Won’t I be tarred forever as a Democrat? No. Operation Chaos 2020 is a certified conservative program and since there is no corresponding Republican primary, you are excused.  

How do I vote in a Democrat primary? It is the same as any other primary. You show up at your polling place and they will give you a ballot. No questions asked.  

When is the election? Saturday, February 29. You can vote absentee in-person by contacting your local county election commission office and asking for an absentee ballot. Click this link for more detailed information on voting absentee.  

If I vote in the Democrat presidential primary won’t that hurt Pres. Trump or the GOP? Nope. There is no Republican primary in SC this year so Pres. Trump is the nominee no matter what. This will actually help our Republican cause by showing how easy it is to influence the opposite party’s election. It will help Pres. Trump by electing the craziest Democrat who will be easy for Trump to beat.  

Does it matter who we vote for? If all the “interlopers" vote for the same candidate, it will have a far bigger impact. 

Ok, who do we vote for? As we get closer to the day of the election we will have more to say about which specific candidate is the target. 

Click here to cast your vote in the poll to determine which Democrat is the craziest liberal looney that should benefit form our efforts.  

Why not just write-in Donald Trump to irritate the Democrats? Write-ins are self-defeating. It is equivalent to shooting over the enemy’s head. All it proves is that some Republicans like Trump. Furthermore, write-in votes are not legally valid in a Presidential Preference Primary. Basically you are voting your “preference” but the delegates at the convention will actually pick the nominee. In the case of the Democrats, if no candidate has a clear majority on the first ballot, so-called super delegates are allowed to vote on subsequent ballots. This is most likely how the Democrat establishment will steal the election from Sanders and thereby drive away all of his supporters. 

What do I need to do? Simply click here and sign up on the enlistment page, this way you will receive update notices as the project advances. Also, please share this information with all your conservative friends.  

We have a Republican governor, and Republicans control the House and Senate, so why can’t we just pass a law to close the primaries? Good question. Basically, the legislative leadership, allied with moderate Republicans and Democrats, are happy with the system the way it is. They give lip service to the idea of closing primaries but it never goes further than that.  

We’re hoping Operation Chaos 2020 will help enlighten them.  

Who is this Conservative Defense Fund that is behind all this? The Conservative Defense Fund is a conservative non-profit (501c4) based in Greenville, South Carolina. It was started by a group of activists who want to advance the conservative Republican agenda. The Chairman is Christopher Sullivan of Greenville.


Do you want to help President Trump win in November? Then let's make sure the craziest Democrat candidate wins the SC presidential primary!